Why AquaTerra?

When having your well tested for an accurate flow rate, as well as water quality tested, it's VITAL to do it the correct way as simple deviations can produce a false result.

Colorado well water standards require a 2-hour production test (4 hour test in WA & ID) in order to ensure that the reading is as accurate as possible.  A 1-hour test simply doesn't give the most accurate reading.  AquaTerra always performs a full 2-4 hour test to ensure the most accurate reading of your well production.

In addition, proper discharge of ground water is equally vital.  Discharging into a bucket, down a sink, or into a tub simply won't do.  Additionally, the location of the discharge is important, as wells often have septic tanks and leach fields nearby. 

If talking to another company PLEASE ASK if they use the "bucket method".  If they do, run!


In order to ensure the integrity of your home's environment, AquaTerra takes special care to make sure the ground water, which can be well over a thousand gallons, is discharged in an environmentally friendly manner.

Equally important, when doing a water quality check, taking the time to hold the bottle cap the right way, to draw water from the appropriate source (which probably isn't what you think), and exactly where to hold the bottle while drawing a sample...not doing these in just the right way can give a false reading, which may cause you to pay for remediation that you don't actually need.

AquaTerra takes the time to draw water samples the RIGHT way from the right source, with gloved hands, proper bottle placement and water temperature.  Yes, this ALL matters!  

This is what makes AquaTerra your premier well and water quality testing company in Colorado, Idaho and Washington.

Book your appointment today.  We look forward to working with you and appreciate your business.

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Rich Valdez

Rich has tested thousands of well systems over the past 8 years, from the mountains to the plains - even city and municipal wells.  In Rich's off-times, Rich is playing in the forest.

Rich handles the Colorado portion of AquaTerra.


Michael Johnson

Michael's background is in all aspects of real estate, from transactions to flipping to working on his own homes.  Working with AquaTierra has been a tremendous expansion of his passions and talents.  Outside of work, put Michael in a saddle or on the lake and he's a happy man.

Michael lives in Sandpoint and handles Idaho and the Eastern Washington areas.