Here is a description of common well components.

Well Head


Pressure Tank

Storage Tank

Water Softener

Water Filter

Electrical Panel

Here are some examples of typical well heads.

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Very visible wells, but possible concern about fertilizers or other landscaping chemicals seeping into water supply.


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Very common hydrant handles


This hydrant is attached to the well head.  Nothing wrong here.

It's important to remember to disconnect any hoses attached to your hydrant during the cold season.  Water buildup can freeze and cause the hydrant to freeze and burst.  This is a big headache so simply make sure your hose is disconnected.


This hydrant is not attached to the well head.   Also nothing wrong here. Typically it's not too far from the head.

Sometimes your household water is working fine, but the hydrant is not working.  There may be a switch that is underground that needs to be turned in order to activate the hydrant.  If your hydrant is not working, but the house water is, please call a professional to turn on your hydrant as the switch may be as far as 6' underground.