Reasons to Use a Specialty Well Testing Company

Instead of a Home Inspection Company:

We visibly watch the test the entire time.  A home inspector may be off running other checks.  If a well runs dry (as they often do), we're there to shut off the pump.  5 minutes of distraction can cause a pump failure, resulting in a pump replacement costing thousands.


We shut off the water to the house to get an accurate flow rate.  An inspector might be testing appliances during the flow test, giving an inaccurate result.

A "Bucket Test" will in NO WAY give you an accurate flow rating.  Just No No No...   We test to the 2-4 hour state standard, depending on your state.


We have extensive knowledge of well systems, not just a passing knowledge to get the job done.  We're there to answer questions and make recommendations so your clients are knowledgeable and confident with using and maintaining their well. 

We understand complex well setups!

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